Mission Statement

I have always loved collecting quotes to inspire and motivate myself.  I write them on pieces of paper and display a different one on my desk every day.  Unfortunately, over the years I have discovered that a lot of my favorites are paraphrased or attributed to the wrong person.  I have also realized that this problem is extremely widespread and that misquotes appear everywhere from quote websites, quote apps, quote paraphernalia and even quote books.  At first I just complained about it incessantly to anyone who would listen (those poor people!).  But then I decided to do something about it, so I am writing a book that will contain nothing but authenticated quotes, and I have created this website to promote awareness of what I call the “quote virus.”  I use this term because once a misquote appears on one website or in one book, it quickly spreads and multiplies like a virus infecting both cyber space and written literature.  I am now on a mission, and that is as follows.

1) To eradicate the “quote virus” being the widespread infection of inaccurate quotes throughout cyber space and modern literature.
2) To establish a new standard in quoting in which the correct author/orator and source are always cited.
3) To educate, entertain, and inspire.

How You can Help
To find out how you can avoid contracting the quote virus, please go to my “What You Can Do” page.  You can help by sharing the knowledge and following the guidelines.