My Books

My first book will be a collection of over 1,000 motivational and inspirational quotes from some of the greatest historical figures in history.  It will be unique and different from other quote books as it will include the following features:

  • All quotes have been researched to verify authenticity.
  • All quotes are attributed.  There are no unknown or anonymous sources.
  • All quotes are fully sourced in detail.
  • All quotes are direct quotes.  No secondary sources are used (people who claim to have heard a quote).
  • All quotes are from the original source.  There are no quotes derived from other quote books or dictionaries.
  • All quotes are by well-known, notable people who have made positive contributions to history and culture.
  • All quotes are verbatim.  There is no paraphrasing.
  • All quotes were originally written or spoken in English so there is no translation or paraphrasing.
  • A short bio will be featured for all authors/orators.
  • Many quotes were originally discovered by this author and have not been previously published in quote books or on quote websites.
  • No quotes are taken out of context.
  • Each quote appears once within the book.